1 Bro, 1 Character, Year 1

Recently saw this ‘Year 1′ movie via my Netflix. Thinkin’ that cave people Michael Cera could be the single greatest cinematic idea of the last ten years. Just wanna see this awkward, quirky bro in as many kooky situations as possible, dealing with girl problems, dealing with bullies, dealing with loud mouthed sidekicks, being adorable. Just wanna push the limits of Cera.

Not sure it’s possible to ‘jump the shark’ with this guy. Feel like I’d forget the shark was being jumped because i’d just be thinking “man this is one fuckin chill, witty, spindly, little bro”. Surprised Year 1 rocked despite this Jack Black character. Not sure who he appeals to. Might be a half hearted attempt to fill the Adam Sandler niche.

Wonder how far this can go? I want Cera in space, Cera under the sea, WWII Cera, Wild West Cera, Cera in the ER, Cera in the NFL, Cera in the NBA, Cera as a woman, Cera in prison, Cera for President.


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