Kanye West – Best SNL Performance Ever?

Feel like Kanye’s SNL performance was easily the best I have ever seen on that show. I think that if you can make people tune in to SNL in this day and age you have done something pretty impressive. I like that he was wearing a crown in his “Power” performance. I also like that his image of a king is a red American Apparel Mr. T.

Do you think this was the best/most groundbreaking SNL performance ever?
When was the last time you/anybody watched SNL prior to this?
Can you believe that ballerina broad dropped the sheet 55 seconds in to the power performance?
Do you hope she never works again?
Which performance was better?
Do you wish his VMA performance was half as good as either of these?
Do you wish he would’ve used the “FUCK SNL” line in power?
How many alternate versions of “power” exist?
Was this performance as good as Taylor Swift’s VMA performance was bad?
Is there a more creative performer out there today?
Do you think the same people that still hate Kanye are the same people that would’ve voted Bush in for a third term if it was possible?


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