Feel like I’m rarely happier than I am when thrifting with a few friends/by myself. Nothing gets the juices flowing like finding a wearable 60 cent t-shirt. Might be addicted to the experience. Thinkin’ that the rush of finding something is better than realizing what you now own once you are home. Kind of feel like redonating some recent purchases. Might only buy them again. Kind of worried that I am insulting people who shop at salvation army for jeans and ‘real clothes’. Don’t wanna be a dick.

Might end up like this guy...

Not sure how many ill fitting cardigans a guy needs. Don’t think anyone needs a kelly green one. Not even really sure how a cardigan is supposed to fit. I feel like there is a fine line between being super hip and looking poor. Might be walking it. Are people “getting” my aesthetic? Wanna look like I shopped at some more “authentic” version of urban outfitters. Might just look like I had an older brother that grew out of a lot of cardigans.


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