Simpler Times


Can’t help but be continually disappointed by Weezer. Maybe it’s cuz these guys used to be my bros in high school. They were there for me in the awkward years. During that time before I fully developed legitimate opinions on music/anything. Realistically, they were there for me before I even really ‘listened’ to music. Feel like ‘the blue album’ was a security blanket during those lean times. I ‘understood’ that shit.

Not sure I even know who Weezer is anymore. Feel like we have gone in completely different directions since I learned how to drive. I don’t even know what I’d tell someone if they asked me how I feel about Weezer. Might give an answer that is too complicated/convoluted for anyone to care. That answer might be this post.

Miss you guys.

It’s not like the blue album was the only good record either. I stuck by Weezer for a while. I mean Pinkerton was great and I even liked Maladroit. MALADROIT DAMMIT! No one liked Maladroit. But I did. But I’m not sure the band has released a relevant song since “Dope Nose”. What can you even make of these new releases? After listening to Hurley it kind of seems like Weezer is maturing in reverse as a band. They wen’t from being a little off beat to overly ‘whacky’. Not sure who this is appealing to. The song ‘All My Friends Are Insects’ sounds like a shitty version of a ‘Presidents of the United States of America’ song. It’s not even that catchy. ‘Smart Girls’ might be the best song on Hurley. It’s only mildly good though, in that sort of ‘Stacy’s Mom’ type of way


Why can’t Weezer just be Weezer again? I don’t even want them to reinvent themselves. Maybe my taste in music hasn’t even really changed since I was 16. As a whole, the blue album is still probably about as good as it’s ever gonna get in my eyes. I might just be subconsciously looking for elements of that album in all the music I’m currently listening to. Maybe that’s why I got so obsessed with Surfer Blood. Really just want pubescent poppy rock with a hint of humor. Still feel like ‘el scorcho’ accurately portrays every time that I’ve ever ‘liked’ a girl.

Just want my bros back.

Hurley: 2 out of 5.

What band got you through your awkward years?
Do they suck now too?
Is Weezer the only band you can think of that ages like Benjamin button?
When exactly did Rivers Cuomo jump the shark?
Was it his appearance on the B.O.B album?
Was that B.O.B. song the best Weezer song since 05?
What are the Presidents of the United States of America doing now?
Do you know ne one else that liked Maladroit?
Is El Scorcho the best drunken karaoke song ever?


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One response to “Simpler Times

  1. Megan

    Thank you for speaking out about this serious issue. If we’re honest with ourselves, we saw this coming since “Beverly Hills.” It’s a sad truth. I think when people ask you how you feel about Weezer, the most appropriate thing would be to stare into the distance, allow a single tear to roll down your cheek, and whisper, “Oh, Rivers, you did look just like Buddy Holly.”

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