The return of Die Antwoord/My Blog

Where would I be without Die Antwoord?

Feel like I have to take my blogs relative ‘success’ as of late with a grain of salt. Looks like I have just been caught up in a wave of burgeoning internet memedom. Die Antwoord seemed to go from ‘blog popular’ to ‘real popular’ overnight. I liked “Enter the Ninja” as much as the next guy, but still could never have imagined a successful follow up?

Between penises and ninjas it seems like Die Antwoord knows what you need to make it big online.

I think it’s possible that this Yo-Landi broad may replace Lady Gaga as the new alt-queen of 2010. Since Gaga always stands for gay rights, I wonder if Yo-Landi will start fighting for something other than alternative bangs. I think that rat outfit in the video is Yo-Landi’s version of the ‘meat dress’.

Die Antwoord vids always make me want to shower and then rewatch the vid. But I don’t think that I like this new one as much as the ninja one. Maybe it was the eyeball-boobs or the dick microphone. Kind of funny to imagine a bunch of normal people creating the set for that video. I think I want Die Antwoord’s assault on mainstream media to go all out. I want them at mega festivals. I want Yo-Landi on Oprah/Playboy. I want The Roots to cover Die Antwoord on Fallon. I want that progeria guy to be the new Wee-Man. Maybe not.

Would Die Antwoord Rock Lollapalooza?
Will they still be relevant by the next Lollapalooza?
Are they the next Gaga or Flight of the Concords or Vanilla Ice or ‘What What in the Butt’ Guy?
Will ‘Evil Boy’ do for dicks what ‘Baby Got Back’ did for butts?
Will ‘Evil Boy’ become a drunken karaoke favorite too?
Are hipsters gonna start learning Afrikaans?
Is Afrikaans already over?
Are raw meat or dead rat clothes more relevant?
Will I get somewhat mad hitz from this post as well?
Did it feel forced?


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