Album Reviews (Quickies) – Deerhunter, Interpol, Gold Motel

Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter

Creepiest album art of the year???

I think that “earthquake” might be the worst opening track on an otherwise good album that I have ever heard. Shit was crazy boring. Almost made me not want to listen to the rest. Luckily I did. Deerhunter always sounds different on every album and “Halcyon Digest” is no exception. There are some really good ‘stoner friendly’ washed out 60’s style jams on this album. I especially liked the sleepy “ohhh ohh” chorus in “Don’t Cry” and the sloppy drunk yet refined feel of “Revival”. “Coronado” was also really good in a “Strokes” type of way. Check it. Good stuff.


Dont Cry

Halcyon Digest: 4 out of 5

Interpol by Interpol

Hard to believe Interpol used to be good. This was really bad. One of the most blandly heavy unlistenable albums I have heard in a long time. Sucks.

Interpol: .5 out of 5

Summer House by Gold Motel

Probably waited too long to review this one. It’s (not surprisingly) a summer album. Glad I saved it for after that Interpol one though. Made me feel better about music/life. Summer House is a pretty little collection of straight forward finely crafted summery pop rock tunes. A good one to file away for that first warm weather playlist you make in April or something. “Perfect in My Mind” is a great carry over from the bands’ self titled EP. “Safe in LA” is my fave new one. It’s got a great ‘boppy’ guitar that dares you not to snap your fingers along to the beat.

Perfect in My Mind

Summer House:4 out of 5


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