Wanna be a ‘Chill’ Dad

Been worrying about how long I can stay relevant as a blogger. Kind of concerned that at a certain age it might be impossible to keep liking ‘cutting edge’ shit. I think once most people hit like 35 they start only liking the music that came out when they were between the ages of 17 and 27. Don’t wanna get to the point where I would prefer to stay home and watch “2 1/2 bros” instead of going to see the latest buzz band I read about on a ‘real’ blog. I already strongly prefer venues with seats, as opposed to ones that are general admission. I think that it’s probably a slippery slope to boring from there on out.

Just wanna get cooler as I get older. Be like one of those old(er) guys at pitchfork that still talks about when “New Pornographers” first came out, and really actually remembers when LL Cool J and Ice Cube were making groundbreaking hip-hop instead of mind numbing prime time TV for middle aged Middle Americans.

Just want to have 'fucking seen it all'.

Feel like the only way you can maintain being cool is to get a kick ass profession that forces you to be chill or deal with chill people on the regular (Vegan bakery owner, Radio dj at an alt station, used book store manager, American Apparel exec, weed dealer), or have a kid and make sure that that kid is fucking awesome.

Just want a kid to validate my taste level. Want to make him/her wear “Dead Kennedys” and “Legalize Gay” onesies. Want my baby to care about social issues/organic food before it cares about not shitting its pants. Just wanna make a killer ‘nap time’ mixtape.

Did you make your parents more or less cool?
Would Ice Cube or I now be more likely to get mugged in Compton?
Do seats at a concert make you feel more restricted or relieved?
Who is more ‘street’ Charlie Sheen or LL Cool J?
At what age can you still be seen at Pitchfork before it gets weird?
At what age can you still be seen at Lollapalooza before it gets weird?
At what age does a hipster mustache just become a mustache?
Will orthopedics replace keds/blue boat shoes as the new hip foot wear of 2011?


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