Album Reviews: Childish Gambino, Megafaun, Das Racistw

Culdesac/I am just a rapper/I am just a rapper II

Just decided to review all three of these together. Three albums in one year is too many, and all three are basically the same.

Chilidish Gambino is the rap alter ego of Donald Glover, the former writer on 30 rock/stand up comedian/ star of NBC’s Community. He basically just takes some indie jamz and raps right over the top of them (probably why he is able to crank out so much music). He’s kind of like an edgier more intense version of “Hoodie Allen”. His lyrics are typically great and just as intelligent and funny as his resume would suggest. “Yes I’m on fire. You can feel it on a nigga. Step away from the Heat, they Shaquil’n on a nigga”. His voice isn’t what you would expect from a rapper and he mentions that on more than one occasion. I guess, that’s the main issue with this series is that it’s all pretty repetitive. He’s got like 3 topics that he raps about: that ‘white kidz’ like his music, that he is crazy rich/talented, that he used to be an outcast. It wouldn’t be an issue if we weren’t hit with three rapidfire records worth of this. Otherwise Glover really grew on me as an MC. Here are some of my fave lines…

“They said me rappin’ was like MJ and baseball. But that would make me MJ, so muthafuck all y’all”

“I’m in the spa, white robe like a racist. Niggas can’t see me Ima pay for your LASIK

“Screamin’ at me, when you gonna stick to the right bizzness? Stop makin music for these white kidziz. I make music for tight kids. Stop being an asshole, one day you’ll have to wipe his.”

You started rapping when you wasn’t good at basketball. I started rapping cuz I fucking need some Adderall.

Childish Gambino Three pack – 3.5 out of 5

Heretofore by Megafaun

This should have been a no frills rootsy folk rock ep. The song “Carolina Days” seems like quality ‘pick up truck’ music. But I don’t think that any of the other 5 tracks really built on that feeling. Some of it felt too ‘sleepy’ for me to really get into and then there were tracks like the over 12 minute long “Comprovisation for Connor Pass” which just seemed to be overly avant garde for this (or any) group.

Carolina Days

Heretofore 2 out of 5

Sit Down, Man by Das Racist

You may remember these guys from their insightful social commentary “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” that was released (and remixed by Wallpaper) last year.

For those of you that, for reasons unbeknownst to me, wrote Das Racist off as serious rappers,  “Sit Down, Man” is proof that you were wrong in doing so. Honestly, this is one of the biggest surprises of the year. I knew it would have a sense of humor (the speaking breaks are golden), but I seriously underestimated the mic skills of these guys. This is a funny album but the lyrics and beats legitimately ‘phat’. The chopped up opener “all tan everything” is a great off the wall ridiculous track to start off what is sure to be one of the top ‘stoner albums’ of the year. If  “Fashion Party” isn’t already on everyones next (fashion) party playlist….then it should be. It’s got the best chorus on the album for sure. I also really really love “rapping 2 u”.  I think the lines “They called us joke rap. We kind of rerap. We just like rap. We don’t even need rap.  Could get a real job, only rap weekly. I don’t need rap. Told you, rap need me” kind of sum up the album best.  Real talented guys not trying to hard.

Sit down, Man: 4 out of 5


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  1. Nick Butters

    I like that you did these two reviews together (C.G. D.R.). I wish you would have made more comparisons to other artists with these two though because I am really in the market for some new music while I wait for these two to drop some more tunage. Good job though

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