Album Reviews: Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon pt II

Man on the Moon pt II by Kid Cudi

I feel like the first “Man on the Moon” album took a lot of unnecessary heat.  Probably not the most consistent album that I have ever heard but it had a few pop gems on it. And honestly thats how I (think everyone) felt about ‘Oracular Spectacular’ and that was universally acclaimed.  Anyways #2 seems to basically pick up where the first one left off, except there aren’t quite as many throw away tracks. “Marijuana” is 4 minutes and 20 seconds worth of some really cool stoner chill-out music.  I do kind of wish Kudi rapped a lil more on it though.  The song “Erase Me” is probably the best “Weezer” song I have heard in the last 6 years. Also, I think I am contractually obligated as a blogger to like anything Kanye West touches in 2010, so even though his verse isn’t the best, it’s still comforting to hear his voice.  Not really sure there is even a music genre out there that could be used to describe the song “Ghost!”, but something about it sucks you in, and I don’t know why but the way Cudi says “When did I become a GHOST?” never fails to crack me up a little. I think just knowing that Cudi is capable of making some killer songs will always make his albums a little disappointing since there are never gonna be 20 straight Pursuit of Happinesses on an album.  Having said that, I still like Cudi, and MOTM#2 has some good tracks on it. Oh, also can we talk about this album art? It’s pretty chill.


Erase Me (Radio rip)

Man on the Moon II: 3 out of 5


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