Album Reviews (quickies): Cee Lo, Tallest Man on Earth, Chromeo

The Lady Killer by Cee Lo Green

Words like ‘timeless’, ‘classic’ and ‘feel-good’ come to mind when listening to this one. After hearing “Fuck You”, you kinda knew this album would be stellar. It didn’t disappoint. The Lady Killer is less of an album with a motown influence, than it is a modern motown album. It’s retro without feeling dated at all. It’s the type of music that brings people together. Cee Lo for president.

“It’s Ok” MP3

Cee-Lo Green – Cry Baby
Powered by Cry Baby

The Lady Killer 4.5 out of 5

Sometimes the Blues is the Just a Passing Bird by The Tallest Man on Earth

TMOE might be the best handler of an acoustic guitar out there today. STBIJAPB is a simple and pretty little 5 song compilation that shows off his skill set. The way it was recorded, it sounds like Kristian Matsson is playing the tracks right in front of you. The fret buzz and guitar creeks help to make it a more personal listening experience. I still feel that I am usually so absorbed by the whole ambiance of his music that I don’t have a clue as to what Matsson is singing about. Don’t think I need to know.

Sometimes the Blues is Just A Passing Bird: 4 out of 5

Business Casual By Chromeo

The transition between Tallest Man on Earth and Chromeo is a pretty abrupt and dramatic one but here it goes.

Can never really tell how serious I am supposed to take Chromeo. This is one of the ‘sillier’ albums of the year in my opinion. Part of me wants to find it really fun and dancey but the other part of me can’t help but think that this whole album sounds like it could be on the Ghost Busters soundtrack. Either that or it could be in some parody of an 80’s porn film. That being said, I think that Chromeo’s energy slowly tries to beat down your taste level and by the end of “Business Casual” I was almost nodding my head to the beat. “Night by Night” actually isn’t a half bad song at all. It’s got a pretty infectious, robotic sounding chorus. Chromeo is what he is.

Night by Night

Hot Mess

Business Casual: 2 out of 5


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