The Best Music Video?

This new Arcade Fire video by Spike Jonze is apparently universally recognized as being ‘the shit’. It’s definitely pretty. Probably super meaningful. Arcade Fire is probably the most ‘meaningful’ band of the last decade. Just tryin to figure out what is going on in the last half. Wonderin what all the army stuff really means. Bikes are probably gonna make a huge comeback.

Is this the best music video?
Does anyone make more ‘meaningful’ music than arcade fire?
How much do you love this shit?
Do you ‘get’ this shit?
Can you explain it to me?
Could spike Jonze have made your lame ass childhood kick ass?
Is 2010 the year of Arcade Fire or Kanye West?
Did you catch the cameo?
Did you just read about the cameo from some youtube turd?
Was this the sickest cinematography ever?
Is Arcade Fire ‘anti-lo-fi?
Did this make you want to watch ghost riding vids on youtube?
Is this the best music video?


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