The ‘Alt’imate fighter.

Wanna be the first ‘alt’imate fighter.
Wanna be the toughest bro to ever listen to Animal collective.
Wanna make American Apparel the next ‘Tap Out’.
Gonna make sure all my ultra sparkly ‘Affliction’ t-shirts are made in the USA.
Gonna use “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear as my entrance music, cuz Veckatimest gets me fucking amped.
Wanna start a fight at a chill wave concert.
Wanna blog about Sweedish buzz fighters no one has ever heard of.
Gonna brand my fighting style as lo-fi shoegaze-jitsu.
Wanna hold an MMA event in Brooklyn.
Just wanna kick ass.

Is MMA the next big alt sport?
Is Nam Phan just fighting for ironic reasons?
Will Ed Hardy style shirts replace goofy thrift store shirts?
Is Nam Phan even a hipster?
Is Nam Phan just an asian in glasses?
Is Nam breaking all stereotypes?
Or is Nam just conforming to all stereotypes?
Am I just hoping Nam is hip?
Are there other ‘Alt’imate fighters?
Do you think you could beat Nam up?
When Nam fights, does he have the weight of all non meat heads on his shoulders?
Did you cry / lose all hope when he didn’t win the reality show?
Is Spike TV the opposite of ‘Gorilla vs Bear’?
Will ‘MANswers be the next big ‘it’ show of 2011?
Is Nam Phan the ‘Alt’imate fighter?


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