Art’s the shit

Checked out some art the other day. Thought some of it was pretty blog / awkward photo worthy. It might be important for me to get more cultured in non musical forms of artistic expression. This way I can have strong ‘educated’ opinions on album art. Until then I just have to let P4k tell me which ones srsly sucked.

VIA P4k: "Y?!?"

^^^ Hahaaaaa. Suck it Ringo! (High fives ensue)


Seein all this art just inspired me to be the best blogger I can be.  Although, I’m kind of worried that the Louvre is too mainstream an art scene for me. The Mona Lisa might be kind of like the “Owl City” of the renassaince. Need to find some sick indie art jpegs via torrentz.

Glad I wore my most artsy giant, combat, belty cardigan.


Is this the best pic of 2k10?

Are you surprised that this isn’t Kanye?

Is Diddy trying to be more Kanye to stay more relevant?

Is awkward Diddy face photoshopped infront of shit going to be the next big internet meme?

Is the Mona Lisa entry level bullshit?

Who are some seriously alt artists?

Are you glad that p4k fucking nailed Ringo Starr?

Am I just a starving blogger now who will only get mad hitz after I die?

How many belts does your biggest cardigan coat have?

Was there anything in this post that merrited being blogged?



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One response to “Art’s the shit

  1. Mandy

    I think the answer to your art needs may lie in lowbrow art. A lot of the artists in this genre are technically impressive and compositionally unique. Some artists to check out:

    Todd Schorr (my favorite of the group)
    Ron English
    Chris Mars
    Jeff Soto
    And of course, Shepard Fairey

    And the Mona Lisa is not amateur shit. Most people just don’t know why she kicks ass.

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