Top Tracks of 2010

Lists inevitably lead to a lot of “Hey! I liked this song better than that one! blah blah blah”. If that’s the position you find yourself in, then feel free to start a lively, hit generating discussion on my blog. Or you can make your own damn list.

Also, I know it’s too big a list. The ‘rankings’ of some of the lower rated songs probably had more to do with however I was feeling on the day I made the list than anything.

Also turns out I had 2 number 14’s. So instead of changing all the numbers which seems really daunting/tedious at this point, I just took off a song at the end. So it is back to being 200 tracks. I know you were freakin’.

199) Love Sick by Lindstrom and Christabelle. Album: “Real Life is No Cool”. Soon to be featured in pornography everywhere.

Lindstrom and Christabelle.

198) Solitude is Bliss by Tame Impala. Album: “Innerspeaker” . Large scale psychedelia with pop sensibilities.

197) Odessa by Caribou. Album: “Swim”. The only song I could really get into on “Swim”. It’s trippy.

196) The Problem by Wale. Album: “More About Nothing”. Listen Here!. Hip hop and Seinfeld. Of course.


195) Tea Lights by Lower Dens. Album: “Twin-Hand Movement”. Should be on everyone’s “having kind of a shitty day” mix.

194) My Chariot by The Depreciation Guild. Album: “Spirit Youth” That opening distorted keyboard and bass drum is kickin’.

193) Pacer by Systems Officer.  Album: “Underslept”. Listen Here!
Solid mellow rock tune with a shout along chorus.

192) L Mansion by Sic Alps.  Album:  “L Mansion 7” ”
This one finds an unexpected middle ground between 60’s psychedelia and ‘Fastball’.

191) Whale by Yellow Ostrich. Off of “The Mistress”. Still half debating whether this is actually good or just weird.

190) Super Market (ft Ace Creator) by Domo Genesis. Album: “Rolling Papers” Listen here!
Stoner rap battle of the most epic variety. Also, the line “So here I am at the store for some chips, that I’ma pay for with dimes nickels quarters and shit” is one of my fave of the year.

189) Born Under a Bad Sign by Moneybrother.  Album: “Real Control” Stomp-along funky rock with a catchy chorus.

188) The Fight by Sia.  Album: “We Are Born”. Listen Here!
Powerhouse vocals, a dancey beat and a chipmunkey intro.

187) Western Hospitality by Club 8. Album: “The People’s Record”. These guys are almost too damn cheery for their own good. Almost.

186) Walls by Shout Out Louds. Album: “Work” The piano highlights make this one.

185) The Youth Die Young by Mad Rad. Album: “The Youth Die Young”. I really like that low buzzing beat in this one. Also the progression into the first verse is spot on.

184) Before You Judge Me by Black Lips. Album: “Adult Swim Singles Project”. Another plodding, gritty, drunken anthem from the Athens Georgia garage rock machine.

183) You Must Be Out of Your Mind by The Magnetic Fields. Album: “Realism” These guys have a million intelligent, comically tortured songs about heartbreak. I just wish there were more of them on this last album.

Love is All

182) Bigger Bolder by Love is All. Album: “Two Thousand and Ten Injuries”
Some in your face pop-punk straight from Sweeden

181) Captains of Industryby The Quit. Album: “Stars Invisible By Day”. This is a quirky fast paced whirlwind of a pop rock song.

180) A Just Built Beaming Light by The Young Evils. Album: “Enchanted Chapel” Just over 2 min of twangy cutesy indie folk. Near the top of the list of songs that make you go ‘awwwwwh’

178) We Want It! We Want It! by BOAT. Album: “Setting the Paces”. Joyful, offbeat and fun.

177) No, My Heart Will Go On by Gigi. Album: “Maintenant”.

Really nice early sixties girl band type song. What it lacks in refined vocals it makes up for in charm.

176) XXXO (Remix Ft. Jay-Z) by MIA. Album: ” /\/\/\Y/\” Maybe the only thing that was even listenable on MIA’s last album. This one is ‘club ready’. Kind of convinced that everything Jay-Z touches turns to gold.

175) When I Go By Slow Club. Album: “Yeah So” For better or for worse, this one has Micheal Cera indie RomCom soundtrack written all over it.

174) These Times By Stag. Album: “These Times Are For All Of Us”
Energetic, straight forward rock with a power chorus

173) Days by Sambassadeur. Album: “Days”. The second best ‘Belle and Sebastian’ song this year.

172) Blood, Tears & Gold by Hurts. Album: “Happiness”
Overproduced, sappy, ‘made for TV’ pop ballad, and it’s fantastic.

171) B.I.G. E.G.O. by Wise Blood. Album: ” `+`” Listen here!
Woozy, choppy, unintelligible, hip-hoppish shit, and it’s fantastic.

170) The Greeks by Is Tropical. Album: ????
Lo-fi dance music? I guess so. I love how the beat drops in.

169) Live There by The Lonely Forest. Album: “The Lonely Forest EP” Listen here!
These are some proud North Westerners.

Lonely Forest

168) Caeser (Ft. Robyn) By I Blame Coco. Album: “The Constant” Listen Here!
Party central.

167) Sadie by Fences. Album: “Fences” “It’s really getting old kid!!” A pretty masterfully delivered chorus in a surprisingly powerful song.

166) Norway by Beach House. Album: “Teen Dream”
This song sounds like winter.

165) Jail La La by Dum Dum Girls. Album: “I Will Be” Girl power noise pop!

164) Who do You Love? by Museum of Bellas Artes. Album: “Who do you love – Digital Single”
Bouncy/sultry electro pop with kind of a 90’s aesthetic.

163) Big Wave by Jenny and Johnny. Album: “I’m Having Fun Now” Blown out breezy summer rock

162) Numbers Don’t Lie by The Mynabirds. Album: “What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood” Dayuum, white gurl’s got some soul y’all.

161) The Answer (Ft. Big in Japan) by UNKLE. Album: Where did the Night Fall” Listen Here!
Turn this on low. Sit on your porch and watch the sunset.

160) Hey Boy by Magic Kids. Album: “Memphis” One of the best opening 10 seconds of the year in this playful ‘Beach Boysesque’ style number.

The Magic Kids

159) Who Makes Your Money by Spoon. Album: Transference” Oh, hey electro Spoon. You’re cool.

158) White Wolves by Bravestation. Album: “2010 EP” Dreamy, almost sinister sounding post punk.

157) In The Sun by She & Him. Album: “Volume 2”. So yeah, this is pretty adorable.

156) The Man Who Would Speak True by Blitzen Trapper. Album “Destroyer of the Void” Listen here!
Pretty sure these guys are the only ones doing 70’s folk revival music. Seriously, this could very well be on an old “America” record.

155) Lab Test by Reporter. Album: “Time Incredible”. For the most part a simple but really pleasant airy jam.

154) Blood Dries Darkerby Woods. Album: “At Echo Lake”. Listen here!
Warm, comforting psych-folk is what Woods does best

153) Golden State by Delta Spirit. Album: “History From Below”. Listen here!
Matt Vazquez has as much soul, passion and character in his voice as anyone should even consider having.

152) Down Under by Navajo Bixby. Album: “Down Under digital single” Someone get me a Mai Tai.

151) What a Drag by Bear Hands. Album: “What a Drag”
A solid “Modest Mouse-core” jam.

150) King of the Beach by Wavves. Album: King of the Beach”. If Bart Simpson made music. It would sound like “King of the Beach”.


149) National Anthem (Fuck The World) by Freddie Gibbs. Album “St8 Killa”. The way Gibbs speeds up and slows down his pace is outrageous.Even if the rap is as stereotypical and cliche filled as gangsta rap gets.

148) Mansions of Los Feliz by EELS. Album: “End Times”. Simple, beautiful, melancholic

147) Best of Times by Sage Francis. Album: “Life”. More spoken word than anything. This is as vulnerable a hip-hop song as you will ever hear.

146) These are Listed Buildings by Los Campesinos. Album:”Romance is Boring” No one has more energy than Los Campesinos

145) Airplanes by Local Natives. Album: “Gorilla Manor”.
Falsetto of the year?

144) Hero by Childish Gambino. Album: “Culdesac” The most versatile man in show business is a master of wordplay.

143) Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit. Album:”Beauregard” awwwh friendship.

142) Dog Eared Summer by Brite Futures. Album: Dog Eared Summer Single. One of the cheesiest most overly sugary sweet songs of the year. But I couldn’t stop playing it for a couple months.

141) I Started a Fire by Jaguar Love. Album: “Hologram”. Listen here!
80’s rock inspired electronic dance music

140) Microphone Killa by Freeway & Jake One. Album: “The Stimulus Package”. Listen Here!
Freeway is as the song says he is. Great summery rap song.

139) Cranberry by The Ruby Suns. Album: “Fight Softly” I the only one that is reminded of those ‘Jock Jams’ albums of the 90’s at the 1 min mark of this song. That is some straight up basketball arena synth.

138) There is XXXX (within my heart) by You Say Party! We Say Die!. Album: “XXXX”. Listen here!
If you like the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, then there is no reason you shouldn’t like this.

137) Girls FM by Happy Birthday. Album: “Happy Birthday”. Surfery lo-fi guitar pop.

136) Fighting Smiles by Jonquil. Album: “One Hundred Suns” Warbly, beachy, fun.

135) 1977 by Ana Tijoux. Album: “1977”. Ana Tijoux is the coolest female Chilean Hip Hop artist that I have ever listened to

134) Billie Holiday by Miike Snow. Album: “Miike Snow (Deluxe Edition)”
Miike snow can sure make some polished cool electronic jamz

133) Small Talk by Folded Paper Figures. Album:”Don’t Panic”
The female vocals in this are killer.

132) October by Broken Bells. Album: “Broken Bells” Very ‘Gossip Girly’. Still really good.

131) Beg Steal or Borrow by Ray Lamontagne. Album: “God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise” I often want to wrap myself up inside of Ray’s voice

130) Our Riotous Defects by Of Montreal. Album: “False Priest”. Listen Here!
“I did everything I could to make you happy. I participated in all your protests. Supported your stupid little blog. Got a bowflex.” enough said.

129) You Know by JJ. Album: “n 3” They are the kings of ‘trip hop’ for a reason.

128) Magic (ft. Rivers Cuomo) by B.O.B. Album:”The Adventures of Bobby Ray” Let’s be real, this is the best ‘Weezer song’ in 5 years.

127) 50 Lashes by Floating Action. Album:”Floating Action”. Need. Mexican. Beer

126) Total Loss by Ribbons. Album: “Love is Mysterious Ep” Listen here!
Darker than usual indie pop/rock

125) Braces by Ten Bears. Album: “Braces”. This song is a blast, plain and simple

Ten Bears

124) It’s Not My Party by Diamond Rings. Album: “Special Affections”Electronic music that’s this soulful is rare.

123) Lewis Takes Action by Owen Pallett. Album: “Heartland” I highly recommend seeing him loop his violin live. It’s impressive.

122) After All This Time by The Beautiful Girls. Album: “Spooks” Listen here!
I can’t explain why I like this silly little acoustic reggaeish jam as much as I do, but it got major play time this year

121) Come With Me by CEO. Album: “White Magic”. That was the most ‘chill’ rave I ever went to.

120) Bubbles by Biffy Clyro. Album: “Only Revolutions”. Really cool song but the chorus kind of reminds me of that “This is the story of a girl...” song from back when I was a kid. Not sure why.

119) Yellow Wings by Keepaway. Album: “Baby Style”. If you like ‘Animal Collective’, well then here you go

118) Becoming A Jackal by Villagers. Album: “Becoming A Jackal” [] This one might be destined for a teen vampire movie.

118) Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club. Album: “Tourist History”
Indie-rock, pseudo-emo, dance party y’all!

117) Merry Man by Buddy Ross. Album: “Panther Palace Jewels” Warped out, echoey and mellow as all hell.

116) Gay Human Bones by Harlem. Album: “Hippies” The line “oh so they tell me” at 1:15 is one of my fave moments on any song this year.

115) Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (ft Norah Jones) by Belle and Sebastian. Album: “Belle & Sebastian Write About Love” Listen Here!
If they could play this for me every night before going to bed, I would be a happy guy

114) Up Up Up by Givers. Album: “Givers”. I imagine this is what Vampire Weekend’s debut would have sounded like on ecstasy

113) Chinatown by Wild Nothing. Album: “Gemini”. Melancholy is the official of emotion of 2010 apparently.

Wild Nothing

112) Midnight Hour (Ft. Estelle) by Reflection Eternal. Album: “Revolutions Per Minute” Motownish hip hop is basically a can’t miss.

111) Slow by Twin Shadow. Album: “Forget”. Watch Video here!
Really spot on New(er) Wave track. Also, features one of my favorite music videos of the year

110) Richard II by Titus Andronicus. Album: “The Monitor”. Listen Here!
If the Civil War was rocked this much, I say we have another.

Titus Andronicus

109) Modern Drift by Efterklang. Album: “Magic Chairs”. As soon as I heard this classy Danish ‘art rock’ I thought “this will be on commercials”. Volkswagen apparently thought the same thing.

108) Lewis Takes Action by Owen Pallett. Album: “Heartland” I highly recommend seeing him loop his violin live. It’s impressive.

107) Yamaha by The-Dream. Album: “Love King”. This is the type of choppy, drum machiney R&B that reminds me of the ‘Discovery LP’ from last year

106) Happiness is Here by Jonas Sigurdsson. Album: ??? Download here!
Out of all the Icelandic funk that I have ever heard, this song is easily my favorite…

105) Bad Vibrations by The Black Angels. Album: “Phosphene Dream”. In the likely scenario that I am one day a villain in a professional wrestling organization, I would like this to be my entrance music

104] Twenty Years On by Safe. Album: “Safe Ep”. Almost too chill for it’s own good. I didn’t love it at first, but I kept finding myself playing it over and over

103) Taxi Cab by Vampire Weekend. Album: “Contra”. Listen Here!
The simplest song on ‘Contra’ is the most effective

102) I Only Wear Blue by Dr. Dog. Album:”Shame, Shame”. Listen here!
45 seconds in you have straight up Beatlesesque magic

101) We Don’t Wan’t Your Body by Stars. Album: “The Five Ghosts”.
Amy Millan rhymes “ecstasy” with “sex with me”, end of story.

100) Humdrum Town by Theophilus London. Album: “Green Label Sound(?)”
Fits into that same stoner friendly, pseudo hip hop, hipster niche as Kid Cudi

Theophilus London

99)Neckbrace by Ratatat. Album: “LP4” Not sure I always know how I feel about Ratatat, but this song is a Jam with a capital J.

98) Angela Surf City by The Walkmen. Album: “Lisbon”.
I dare you to show me a more beautiful rock song about Portugal.

97) Enter the Ninja by Die Antwoord. Album: “$O$”. Oh. God. Yes.

96) Girls’ Night by First Rate People. Album: “‘s Not Never Happening”. 90’s style pop gem. I had this VERY high on the list at one point.

95) Icarus by White Hinterland. Album:”Kairos”. You may remember it as Gretchyn’s runway music for her fashion week collection on project runway. She sucked, but this song is gorgeous.

94) Back to the Sea by The Sandwitches. Album: “How to Make Ambient Sadcake”. Try not to do the twist as you listen to this. Just try.

93) Down By The Water by The Decemberists. Album: “The King is Dead”
May have overrated this one, but I’m just excited to hear the Decemberists making powerful good music again.

92)Sasha Don’t seep by The Dance Party. Album: “Touch”.
One of the most appropriately named bands ever delivers some killer ‘glam rockish’ dance music. Also, my dog’s name is Sasha, so that’s a plus.

91) Comin’ Through by The War on Drugs. Album: “Future Weather”. If you ever want a soundtrack for a sort of mysterious long drive. This is your jam.

90)Otherside by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Album: ” The VS EP”. A killer sample, and the codeine epidemic, what else does a rap song need?

89)Own Stunts by Breathe Owl Breathe. Album: “Magic Central”. Haunting folk jam

88) Not Sick by Tokyo Police Club. Album: “Champ” Listen here!

87)Turns Me On by Big Boi. Album: “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty”. Listen here!
One sentence in and you can already tell this song is killer. But it is Big Boi, so you probably didn’t even need one sentence to guess that.

86) Be Brave by Strange Boys. Album:”Be Brave”. No one makes me want to be sloppy drunk like ‘Strange Boys’. Also, best saxophone of the year. You can write that down.

The Strange Boys

85) A Perfect Hand (Ft. Steve Earle) by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim. Album: “Here Lies Love”. Steve Earle is Ferdinand Marcos, in this song that sounds like it was pulled from a Bruce Springsteen musical about the Philippines

84) Picture Frames by Georgia Fair. Album: “Georgia Fair”. Everything I like about folk rock is present in this song

83)Summer Sun by Jukebox the Ghost. Album: “Everything Under the Sun”. Listen here!
The first sign that these quirky piano power poppers are growin’ up.

82)Erase Me (Feat. Kanye West). by Kid Cudi. Album: “Man on the Moon II”. Correction, this was the best Weezer song of the last 5 years, but this songs ending was more abrupt than the ending of No Country for Old Men.

81)Laredo by Band of Horses. Album: “Infinite Arms”. This is the flushed out power folk that we have come to expect from these guys. Wish there was a little more of it on “Infinite Arms”.

80) Boy Lilikoi by Jónsi. Album: “Go”. [audio] I feel like a lot of Jónsi’s stuff is too ‘high brow’ for me. This one though is plenty accessible and plenty beautiful

79) Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt by Kate Nash. Album: “My Best Friend is You”. Listen here!
The balance of ‘sailor mouthed girl power’ and vulnerability is what has always made Kate Nash terrific. Love when this one starts to spiral out of control.

78) Living in America by DOM. Album: “Sun Bronzed Greek Gods”.
It is so sexy to be living in America dammit

77) Go Outside by Cults. Album: “Cults 7” ”
The distant Jim Jones sample in the beginning is too perfect.

76) My Time by Minus the Bear. Album: “Omni”
Jamasourus Rex. One of the best hooks of the year.

75) Real Life by Tanlines. Album: “Settings”
Hypnotic tropical and a great party song. Also, best use of a percussion sample of 2010?

74) World Sick by Broken Social Scene. Album: “Forgiveness Rock Record”.
It’s easy to forget how great these guys are.

73) How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club. Album: “Flaws”. Listen Here!
Not even tween vampire movies could ruin this one

72) Dreaming by Seapony. Album: “Seapony”.
Very ‘Best Coast’, minus all the stoner-chick heartbreak


71) I Feel Better by. Hot Chip. Album: “One Life Stand”.
Hot Chip just knows what it takes to make a top notch dance anthem. Also, this has one of the best music videos of the last ever.

70) Weekend by Smith Westerns. Album: “Dye it Blonde”. Listen Here!
As bright and sunny as a garage rock song can be. I have a feeling “Dye it Blonde is gonna be outrageously good.

69) Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons. Album: “Sigh No More”.
I’ve been pretty critical of “Sigh No More”, but “Lil’ lion” is a killer song. It’s just that the rest of the album is full of lesser versions of this one and throw away tracks..

68) Animal Tracks by Mountain Man. Album: “Made the Harbor”.
Like a more contained female version of ‘Fleet Foxes’. It’s a hauntingly beautiful quasi-acapella number.

67) Planet of Women by Sonny & the Sunsets. Album:”Tomorrow is Alright”. Listen Here!
A perfectly charming/hilarious burnt out acoustic jam.

66) The Best Day by Atmosphere. Album: “To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy”.
No one makes ‘blue collar’ rap like Slug

65) Let Me Take You Out by Class Actress. Album: “Journal of Ardency”.
Simple song, but I really love the vocals. It’s just a really relaxing/enjoyable listening experience.

64) Directors Cut by Head Like a Kite. Album:”Dreams Suspend Night”. Listen Here!
Great synthy beat that is simultaneously creepy/funky, with a couple killer rap verses

63) In Ruins by Fol Chen. Album: “Part II: The New December”
The apocalypse has never been this dancey.

62) Hard Times by John Legend & The Roots. Album: “Wake Up!”
Phat beat, and Black Thought’s verse fits in perfectly.

61) Faded High by Gayngs. Album: “Relayted”. Listen Here!
Here we see the full potential of the electro-psychadelic super group.

60) Dancing On My Own by Robyn. Album: “Body Talk”.
This is a synthy “Screw guys! let’s just go out and dance!” song of epic proportions.


59) Lady Daydream by Twin Sister. Album: “Color Your Life”.
Just a real calming, beautiful song.

58) Let’s Go Surfing by The Drums. Album: “The Drums”.
Best surf song since ‘Surf Wax America’.

57) Moves by The New Pornographers. Album: “Together”. Listen Here
I feel like The New Pornographers invented indie pop.

56) Perfect In My Mind by Gold Motel. Album: “Summer House”.Listen here!
Greta Salpeter’s voice is timeless. And this is some adorable yet classy pop music.

55) I Learned the Hard Way by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Album: “I Learned the Hard Way”. Sharon Jones: One Cool Cat.

Sharon Jones

54) Simple Graces by Delorean. Album: “Subiza”. Sparkley, impeccably made dance music.

53) Back in the Saddle by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Album: “Let it Sway”. Listen Here!
When the guitar kicks in at like 52 seconds, I was sold.

52) Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Album: “From Below”. Sweetest ‘spaghetti western’ style duet that I’ve ever heard.

51) Heaven’s On Fire by The Radio Dept. Album: “Heaven’s On Fire”. This is all I have ever wanted in a summer jam.

50) L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale. Album: “Last Night on Earth”. Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by ListenBeforeYouBuy
Does anyone else feel more than a little Tom Petty influence in this song? Also, the most annoying song to type out on this list.

49) The Day(Ft. Mos Def and Jay Electronica) by Curren$y. Album: “Pilot Talk”.
Curren$y raps about weed, Jay raps about Flava Flav, and Mos throws in some weird motivational sports shit. A great recipe for a rap song.

48) Where I’m Going by Cut Copy. Album: “Zonoscope”. In your face pop music.

47) Hope Child by Free Energy. Album: “Stuck on Nothing”.Sounds like the last day of school 1979.

Free Energy

46) Boy by Ra Ra Riot. Album: “The Orchard”. If there is such thing as ‘autumnal music’, this is it.

45) Taos by Menomena. Album: “Mines”. I wish wish wish more of “Mines” rocked like this one does

44) Younger Us by Japandroids. Album: “Younger Us 7″ ” This has everything I look for in a rock song.

43) Hey Hey by State of the Artist. Album: “Seattlecalifragilisecextrahelladopeness”. Listen Here!
Minimalist beat, and some really clever ‘hipster rap’. Reminds me of early ‘Cool Kids’ stuff.

42) Never Listen To Me by The Thermals. Album: “Personal Life”. A more subtle, understated, almost smoky version of The Thermals is shockingly great.

41) How Good You Are by Joe Pug. Album: “Messenger”. Listen Here!
No one out there today writes music more poetically than Mr. Pug

40) Revival by Deerhunter. Album: “Halcyon Digest”. Oh so jangly, oh so cool.

39) Young at Love and Life by Dominant Legs. Album: “Young at Love and Life”. Slightly more synthy/poppy Belle & Sebastian style song that I immediately fell in love with.

38) Let’s Get Out of Here by Les Savy Fav. Album: “Root for Ruin”. This song has like 12 words. All of them kick ass.

37) The Mighty Sparrow by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Album: “The Brutalist Bricks”. Ted Leo tares this up. Like for real. Is he considered one of those all time great ‘indie icons’ yet? Because he should be.

36) I Walked by Sufjan Stevens. Album: “Age of Adz”. “I Walked” is a different sound for Sufjan. But I still feel like there is a lot here that Illinoise fans will love.

35) The Dreamer by The Tallest Man on Earth. Album: “Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird”. Listen here!
This dude cranks out folk masterpieces like it’s his job.

34) Mouthful of Diamonds by Phantogram. Album: “Eyelid Movies”. Every time I listen to this, I’m blown away at just how cool a song it is.

33) I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blacc. Album: “Good Things”. And the vocal performance of the year goes to….

Aloe Blacc

32) Over by Drake. Album: “Thank Me Later”. In case you didn’t know, Drake can rap.

31) Hurricane J by Hold Steady. Album: “Heaven is Whenever”. Hold Steady has toned it down more than a bit, its choruses like the one in Hurricane J that makes me think it might not have been a mistake.

30) As We Enter by Nas and Damien Marley. Album: “Distant Relatives”. Why isn’t this all over the radio?

29) Marathon by Tennis. Album: “Cape Dory”. ‘Early 60’s lo-fi nautical pop’ seems like a painfully obvious genre now.

28) Daydream by Beach Fossils. Album:”Beach Fossils”. A lot of songs capture the feeling of an idealized summer. This one feels like a more accurate depiction of what mine are usually like.

27) C’mon by The Soft Pack. Album: “The Soft Pack”. More often than not, is all I really want is about 2 minutes of guitar rock and a hook.

26) Thee Oh So Protective One by Girls. Album: “Broken Dreams Club”. Listen Here!
Crooner style perfection.

The National

25) England by The National. Album: “High Violet”. On an album of stand out tracks this one stood out. Probably the most ‘hopeful’ song on ‘High Violet’, it has a slow gradual build up that never gets old.

24) Not In Love (Ft. Robert Smith) by Crystal Castles. Album: “Not In Love”. The original version of this song was so so. Then Robert Smith came along. Probably the best ‘New(er) Wave’ song I have ever heard.

23) The End by Best Coast. Album: “Crazy For You”. Listen here!
Best Coast is great at creating songs of love and heartbreak that are just really really relateable. The irrational non-eloquent things that run through all of our heads before, during and after relationships.

22) Veronica Sawyer by Summer Camp. Album: “Young ep”. No song this year better described my feelings about where I am in my life…

21) Broken Up by Wheels On Fire. Album: “Cherry Bomb ep”. Can’t completely explain my love for this one. It’s just some energetic, gritty garage rock. And ohhh the ass it kicks.

20) Tighten Up by The Black Keys. Album: “Brothers”. With that opening whistle, The Black Keys officially stepped onto the radar of mainstream pop culture.

19) All I Want by LCD Soundsystem. Album: “This is happening”. Listen here!
I was debating whether to use this song or “Dance yourself clean” by LCD. Ended up choosing “All I Want”. I think its less mood specific and probably my second favorite LCD song ever after “All My Friends”.

18) Ain’t Waitin’ by Justin Townes Earle. Album: “Harlem River Blues”.

As time goes on JTE’s voice seems to get more soulful. Also, any (country) song that starts off about fried chicken has to be near the top of this list

Justin Townes Earle

17)Children’s Work by Dessa. Album: ” A Badly Broken Code”. Most unassuming rapper ever? Dessa really tells a story with her lyricism.

16) Bad Day (Feat. Darwin Deez) by Chiddy Bang. Album: “The Preview”. This beat and sample is so spot on that I don’t even care that the lyrics are only ok. Hip-pop for life.

15)Good For Great by Matt & Kim. Album: “Sidewalks”. Listen Here!
Matt & Kim straight up know how to make pop music. Killer drums, shiny synth, hooks for days and a shout along chorus to end it. This song is a clinic in indie pop.

14)Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells. Album: “Treats”. On what was one of the loudest albums in recent memory, the quiet breezy summer jam may have stolen the show. Alexis Krauss takes some pretty silly lyrics and straight sexes them up.

Sleigh Bells

14)You and I Undercover by Steel Train. Album:”Steel Train”. This is a sprawling roller coaster ride of a song. Some serious treadmill shit.

13)Generator 1st Floor by Freelance Whales. Album: “Weathervanes”. All the separate elements of this song flow together sooo seamlessly its amazing. The type of song that merits a really good pair of head phones and closing your eyes.

12)Tight Rope (Feat. Big Boi) by Janelle Monae. Album: “ArchAndroid”. [Audio Once again, I have no idea how this song wasn’t overplayed on every pop radio station last summer.

11)Rapping 2 U by Das Racist. Album: “Sit Down, Man Mixtape”. Listen here
They were near the bottom of my list last year as a sort of half joke. No joke this year, this song is more than legit. A super chill sample and the perfect mix of smart and stupid lyricism. Love it.

Das Racist

10)Levi Johnston’s Blues by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby. Album: “Lonely Avenue”. Listen here! Bro anthem. Chorus of the year.

9)ONE by Yeasayer. Album: “ODD BLOOD”. Perfect dance song. Also, one hell of a goofy ass music video.


8)Excuses by The Morning Benders. Album: “Big Echo”.
All the different elements layered together, a great drum line, old school production value. This is a magical song. Might be even higher up on my list if I didn’t overplay the shit out of it earlier in the year.

7)Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire. Album: “The Suburbs”. Only Arcade Fire could make a danceable song this powerful.

6)Anchorage by Surfer Blood. Album: “Astro Coast”.
The least ‘beachy’ song on the album. Just kind of plods along for a while gradually building, then at like the 3:33 mark, an anthemic, youthful, rock show stopper emerges. And air guitars everywhere were played.

5)Swimming with the Sharks by Hoodie Allen. Album:”Pep Rally Mixtape”. A perfect sample, quick lyrics, and a beat with some serious teeth. Probably my favorite song to blare in my car.

Hoodie Allen

4)Folk Bloodbath by Josh Ritter. Album: “So Runs the World Away”.
Goosebumps. Josh Ritter can write some music y’all.

3)Power (Feat. Dwele) by Kanye West. Album: “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” An over the top, overindulgent, whirlwind of a song that shouldn’t work. One of the most inspired and expertly crafted (rap) songs in recent memory.

Kanye West

2)Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green. Album: “The Lady Killer”. Timeless, universally appealing and joyous are all words that come to mind.

1)Swim Until You Can’t See Land by Frightened Rabbit. Album: “The Winter of Mixed Drinks”. No matter how many times I hear this song it never feels any less powerfully emotional. There is just an energy in this song that’s hard to put into words. It’s pretty much the gold standard for large scale stadium style folk music.


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One response to “Top Tracks of 2010

  1. Megan

    Pretty comprehensive list, my friend. Glad to see “Folk Bloodbath” rank in the top 5.

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