A couple quick Album Reviews: Cake, and Tapes n’ Tapes

Wow, new music. It’s been a while. Hopefully the break did me well. Feel like getting ‘burnt out’ by maintaing a non ‘profit generating’ music blog is kind of ridiculous. Anyways, here are the first couple albums I listened to in 2011.

Showroom Of Compassion By Cake

It’s nice to know that some things in life never change. Cake is one of those things. “Showroom of Compassion” is their first studio album in like seven years and it’s pretty much the exact same brand of goofy,  stadium alternative that I loved in high school. Not sure there is one standout track like “Short Skirt Long Jacket” or anything on this one but that doesn’t mean that it’s without it’s fair share of  funky, base heavy jams.

“Winters chill just chilled me to the bone this year. And something in my mind just got away”

“Moustache Man (Wasted)” is a horn laced ‘thumping’ tune that walks that fine line between Dick Dale and 70’s porno music (as many Cake songs do). I think my favorite track is the more mellow/meloncholic “The Winter”. Kind of reminds me of the song “Mexico” off of “Prolonging the Magic”.  All in all, the album is good if you like Cake.

The Winter

Mustache Man (Wasted)

Showroom of Compression: 3.5 out of 5

Outside Tapes n’ Tapes

Never really have liked “Tapes n’ Tapes”. Always seemed to have kind of tweenish non unique brand of indie rock. But “Outside” seems significantly more grown up than other stuff by them. It even borders on soulful at times, especially in the opening track “Badaboom”, which is a pretty seriously great song.

Take me for a night I said, Take me for a year. I’ll be your ear, my dear.

I’m still not sure I love these guys all the time. The song “One in the World” oddly enough sounds like kind of a lackluster song from the previously reviewed “Cake” album. In general though I’d definitely have to file “Outside” under the pleasant surprises category.


Outside: 3 out of 5.


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