Best Dressed Bros

Was just thinking about which bros totally kill it, in terms of fashion. Here’s the list I came up with. Surprised there was no Kanye on the list but he did wear the same weird Mr. T outfit to both SNL and the VMAs so that definitely counted against him.

5) The Cool Kids

Feel like these guys basically invented the current ‘indie hip hop’ look.  If you didn’t notice their clothes then don’t worry they will tell you all about them: “I don’t get it though, about a year ago, you said my gear was whack. Now my gear is dope? I guess it goes full circle like a Cheerio. Cuz you rockin’ what I was rockin’ like a year ago”.


4)Matt Berninger

Saw this guy rock a three piece suit at Lollapalooza in like 90 degree heat and he didn’t even sweat. Professionally cool.


3) Kid Cudi

Its hard to have street cred as a hipster. I think Cudi comes pretty close though.


2)Mayer Hawthorne

The perfect middle ground between Hip Hop and Motown. No one rocks a pair of sneaks with a suit better than Mayer.

1) Justin Townes Earle

Some people just have swagger. JTE is one of those people. Whether it’s bow ties, flannel, seersucker, ten gallon hats etc he rocks it.



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