Album Reviews: Millionyoung, British Sea Power, Daniel Martin Moore

Replicants by Millionyoung

Mike Diaz aka Millionyoung can realistically claim to be the the most relevant artist from Ft. Lauderdale Florida ever. So what if it’s by default. His most recent digital release is the very pretty “Replicants”. The lead single off the release is “Calrissian”, an airy, tropical dream like number that is the exact sort of thing that Diaz does better than anyone. It’s really the best ‘hammock/tropical drink’ song I have heard in a while. Also, the album art really couldn’t be any more fitting. I don’t really feel like any of the other tracks were as ‘spot on’ as that one.  The “bah bah bahs” in “Easy Now” were nice and relaxing, almost to the point of making me take a nap. That is right up untill the 80’s action/drama theme music part of the songs bursts in at like 2:19. Kind of bizarre. I feel like a lot of the album was pretty but lacked maybe something to really grab me. I think that Millionyoung gets better when he uses more acoustic/beachy samples, and sometimes his whole take on the beach was a little too abstract  for my liking I guess. But when he nails it in tracks like “Calrissian” and “Synanthropic”, it’s a beautiful thing.

Calrissian MP3


Replicants: 3 out of 5.

Valhalla Dancehall by British Sea Power

A pretty solid/diverse albums from the Veteran British rockers. The only one element that really seems to hold the album together is the ‘saddish’ tone that is present throughout.  The opener “Who’s In Control” has a pretty cool restrained punk aesthetic and is a really good high energy track to lead off with. “Living is So Easy” has that same type of nostalgic 80’s synth feel of the band “Summer Camp”, and is a pretty flat out gorgeous song.  Another stand out is probably the final song, “Heavy Water”. It kind of sounds like a more apathetic version of an “Arcade Fire” song.  Their were definitely some puzzling misses on the album, like “Mongk II” and “Stunde Null” but overall the good greatly outweighed the not very good.

Who’s in Control
Living is So Easy

Valhalla Dancehall: 3.5 out of 5
In the Cool of the Day by Daniel Martin Moore

If easy listening Americana music is your thing, then Daniel Martin Moore is your man. “In the Cool of the Day” is an ultra laid back rootsy record that rarely aims to get you out of that rocking chair. If Justin Townes Earle is country fried steak and a shot of bourbon, than Daniel Martin Moore is kind of like a glass of sweet tea and some pecan pie. The whole album is really charming and sort of delicate, although probably a little boring at times. It’s the type of record that deserves a listen but rarely demands your full attention. The lone exception to this is probably the song “Dark Road”, it’s the type of masterfully played, down home jam that bnads like “Chatham County Line” have made a living off of. And it’s really a pleasure to listen to.

Dark Road MP3

In the Cool of the Day: 2.5 out of 5


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