Jitterbuggin’ out.

Hittin up Doris, to check if she wants to hit up that dank new vegan bakery before the "Wild Nothing" concert.

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash – FlashNews) – You know those Jitterbug cell phones marketed to Baby Boomers and seniors? Well, it may not be as stodgy a product as you think.

The Jitterbug has recently become popular with young urban hipsters who think it’s “cool” to be contrary.

The trendy types say the design of the phone – which only comes in two colors – is simple and classic and sets a fashion statement.

Other hipsters like it because many cell phones are overloaded with geeky gimmicks and part of the cool factor in using a Jitterbug is that it’s sort of retro.

There’s even a review comparing the iPhone and the Jitterbug on the super techie G4 TV network which calls the comparison “…a draw.”

The company has no exact figures as to the phone’s popularity with hipsters, but Bill Yates, Jitterbug’s vice president of marketing, says he’s happy to hear the phone is being accepted by a younger crowd.

He figures it’s a trend toward moving away from the mainstream and getting back to basics which is always in style anyway.


Let’s be honest. Who didn’t see this one coming? The iphone seems like it’s beyond a joke at this point. Every fratty douche/hopeless middle aged person shopping at Aeropstale has one. I feel like I just wanna have some authentic life experiences and I don’t want a phone that ‘does shit’ to dilute them. Just feelin’ tired of wasting time trying to press non-giant buttons. Think I’m gonna start memorizing people’s numbers again. Shit’s gonna be legit. Just want a phone I can buy at CVS pharmacy.

I think that going back to the basics is what its all about. A lot of my fave bands are ‘minimalist’, “The Cool Kids”, “The XX”, “Tallest Men on Earth”, “Mountain man”, “Beat Happening” etc. Calvin Johnson would probably have a Jitterbug.

Hoverin' round. Eatin some plastic bag snacks.

Might get into other old people shit besides big phones and cardigans. Gonna look into buying a hover-round. I think fixed gear bikes are on their way out. And this way I wont have to sit with ‘poors’ on the public trans. Just wanna jitterbug.

When will Jitterbugs completely phase out the iphone?
Can you stream episodes of Matlock on the Jitterbug?
Which old people trend is your fave right now? Jitterbugs? Golden Girls? Cardigans? Not working?
Which new old people trend will be huge in 2011? Hover-Rounds? Life Alert? Grandkids? Early bird specials? Florida? Gout?
Do you think the Jitterbug comes in Rotary style?
Do you even know what rotary phones are?
Is CVS the new Apple store?
Is the Jitterbug really made by Microsoft?
Are you part of the Jitterbug revolution?



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4 responses to “Jitterbuggin’ out.

  1. Melanie

    Leo inglés a medias. No entendí si te estás burlando de los hipsters o si estás de acuerdo con ellos.
    Yo no uso i-phone. Me parece una pérdida de dinero. Mi teléfono es viejo y barato, pero me causa gracia que se cree una “contracultura del celular”, los hipsters son graciosos, hacen de todo para ser diferentes.

    I though about this song makes while I was reading your post (that’s ’cause I though that you were being sarcastic):
    “Let’s go downtown and watch the modern kids
    Let’s go downtown and talk to the modern kids
    They will eat right out of your hand
    Using great big words that they don’t understand
    They say

    Rococo, rococo, rococo, rococo
    Rococo, rococo, rococo, rococo”

    • Jajaja. Creo que estoy burlando de los hipsters y de “Apple”. Hay mucho sarcasmo en el articulo.

      Ha, that song does fit, and I love that song.

      • Melanie

        Oye, te paso un lynk para que conozcas algo de música peruana.
        This a peruvian band, it’s called “Moldes”. They already have a LP. I think that they’re funny, not brilliant, but that`s ok!
        I like three of the four songs which are in their myspace: “Tres Malade”, “El amante” and “El Arbol”.
        I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      • I really enjoyed them! El arbol is psychedelic, but still poppy and fun.

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