Album Reviews: Oh No Oh My, Cut Copy, Theophilus London

People Problems by Oh No Oh My

The usually adorable Austin based twee outfit tried their very best to show that they’ve matured over the years with their latest LP, “People Problems”. Despite these noticeable efforts, it’s still hard to keep yourself from categorizing Oh No Oh My as ‘kewt’. The track  “I Took You” is probably the best microcosm of the album as a whole. It’s a sweet sounding acoustic number where you suddenly realize that the narrator is in fact murderer and not a lover. The delivery ruins any chance the song has at being ‘edgy’. That being said, just because the band is still deeply rooted in cheery pleasant pop music doesn’t mean that the album is by any means a wash. It’s not the most exciting album you will listen to all year but “People Problems” does deliver some solid unpretentious guitar pop in songs like “Walking into Me” and “Again Again”. All in all, “People Problems” is a solid, almost soothing listen.

So I Took You
Walking into me

People Problems 3 out of 5

Zonoscope by Cut Copy

“Zonoscope” is a dancey blend of synths and guitars with an obvious 80’s influence. The best songs on the album find that perfect blend between trance like beat and “Phoenix”(ish) guitars. It’s a breezy summer album that’s a few months early. A  lot of the album even has a very tangible caribean/tropical feel to it via steel drums and other exotic instruments. Some of the synths and 80’s references are a bit tacky like in the beginning of “Blink and you will miss the revolution” which starts off with an abundance of R2D2ish beeps and lazer sounds. When the guitar peeks through all of electronic stuff the song (and album) really begin to shine. The massive 15 minute closer “Sun God” is a bit excessive and feels a bit out of place on such a chill record. But most of “Zonoscope” really makes me want to get durnkish and chill out near a pool with some friends. This is a South Florida record fo sho.

Take Me Over

Blink and You’ll Miss A Revolution

Zonoscope: 4 out of 5.

Lovers Holiday by Theophilus London

Theophilus London is probably the nerdiest of the ‘black nerd’ rappers out there (Cudi, Kanye, Lupe, Donald Glover etc). As a result of this “Lovers Holiday” is sort of a Hip-Hop album for those who don’t normally like Hip-Hop. It’s really as close to synthy 80’s music (or at least the current indie bands that mimic that style) than it is to Hip-Hop. As long as you go into the EP expecting more Smiths and less Jay-Z, I think there is plenty that is enjoyable here. London’s voice is sort of breathy and smooth with an almost R&B delivery, and the songs are all pretty finely crafted and fully flushed out. Hipster-Stoner-Hip-Hop-Core done pretty damn well.

Wine and Chocolates
Why Even Try (live on Letterman)

Lovers Holiday: 3.5 out of 5


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