Album Reviews: Starfucker – Reptillians

Reptilians by Starfucker

Starfucker is an electronic trio from Portland Oregon and “Reptilians” is their second LP. The album (like their first) is a glossy hi-fi pop album that’s ultra danceable. Filled with plenty of MGMTish keyboard moments and fun synthy stuff, there is probably something on “Reptilians” for anyone who finds themselves enjoying Passion Pit, Daft Punk, Yelle, even Neon Indian.

I guess the one issue  is that the album offers very little that you haven’t heard before. More of just a mish-mash of familiar sounds from the genre(s). Also, while almost all the songs were solid listens on their own, none of them really had a hook that would keep me coming back for more, which made “Reptilians” kind of hard to focus on for the long haul.   Standout tracks include “Julius”, in which spacey keyboard and drums set the tone nicely, and then kick in especially powerfully after the brief lull for some muffled “Miike Snow” like lyrics. Also, I really enjoyed the next track “Bury Me Alive” simpy for how the beat drops at like 37 seconds if for nothing else. Anyways “Reptilians” is not at all a bad album for a band that frontman Josh Hodges said wanted to see ” ..How far we’d get with a stupid name like that”. And yes, yes it is a very stupid name Josh.

Julius MP3

Bury Us Alive Mp3

Reptilians: 3 out of 5


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