Album Review: Yuck

Yuck by Yuck

If you’re a fan of late 80’s/early 90’s indie guitar rock (dinosaur Jr. etc), then it’s pretty hard not to find something to like on Yuck’s self titled debut. The album almost seamlessly merges these classic indie rock aesthetics with modern trends in the genre, like distant and distorted vocals and liberal use of ‘fuzz’. This generational fusion results in a sincere rock record, a pretty monumental task considering how easily this album could have been some lame ironic shout-out to the early days of the genre.

The opening track “Get Away” is a pretty solid microcosm of what the album tries to accomplish. Tons of flat out gorgeous guitar layered over distant sounding  lyrics that are less than motivational. The sound is an effortless one, but never sloppy nor lazy.

“Suicide Policeman” is probably my favorite track on Yuck’s debut. An Eliott Smith inspired folksier number that’s just a sweet song with a ‘pick me up’ chorus, delicate guitar breaks and gentle horns. “Operation” seems like a fairly deliberate imitation of Sonic Youth. It’s like a more modern slackerish take on “Teenage Riot”. The record closes with the song “Rubber”, a gorgeous lengthy track that’s filled to the brim with distortion and well, fuzz. Somehow though all that ‘noise’ tends to actually amplify the effect of the fairly sparse instrumentation and really matches the mood of the vocals. The song is one of those gradual builders that I really love, by the end of it you will surely be nodding back and forth slowly, eyes probably closed. A pretty deserving way for a pretty great album to end.

Suicide Policeman



Yuck: 4.5 out of 5


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  1. Melanie

    Realmente increíble!!!! No sé cuál me gustó más, si Rubber o Suicide Policeman. Es, de lejos, lo mejor que he escuchado en semanas.


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