Album Review: DOM – Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods by DOM

Because it was released in only limited quantities last year I was havin’ a hard time gettin a hold of this one.  So forgive me if this is more than a million blog years old. But man is it goooood. This is a surfy/lo-fi/fuzzy/poppy masterpiece. Stylistically DOM falls somewhere between “Best Coast” and “Neon Indian”, with both garage-pop and chillwave sensibilities. Whatever you want to label this hybrid, it’s hard to deny how catchy it is.

Land of the free you can do what you wanna
Ski in the winter ride your bike in the summer
forget all you haters USA is for lovers

“Living In America” is a sparkly, synth heavy track, with lyrics that are a little more than slightly ironic: “Hunnies going shopping all the bums getting shitty / come and sing it with me baby / It’s so sexy to be  living in America”. The song has a tone that lands somewhere between an intelligent social critique and “Party in the USA II”. Either way, highly summer-jammable stuff.

The really beachy, WAVVES(ish) “Bochicha” is an adorable 2 minute long ditty about the lead singers cat with a glorious retro surf-rock guitar riff. The line, “Hey! Bochicha! It’s 6 in the morning You’re screaming at my door ” drenched in all sorts of distortion, is almost all the song is comprised of, and really all it needs.

I can’t say much more about this ep other than, I love this shit!


Living In America

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods: 5 out of 5.


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