It’s Friday!

Pretty psyched it’s Friday y’all! Now that I’ve gotten fresh, went down stairs and had my cereal. It’s time to do some bloggin and bloggin and “HEY!”.  Apparently this is the most incredibly (offensively?)  bad song of the past few years (ever?) and it’s gone mad viral. It’s also incredibly stuck in my head.

Is this the worst song you’ve ever heard?

Is this the worst video you’ve ever seen?

Is this the de-evolution of  “Party in the USA”?

Have you ever had to choose between two really appealing seat options?

In the video doesn’t it seem like the front seat is completely occupied and not really an option at all?

Are you relieved that Rebecca didn’t take the bus? Think how many seat choices she would have had to sort through in that scenario.

Who is this rapper?

Is his ‘career’ over?

Did he have a career?

Did that 18 seconds or so of rap make this song “urban”?

Is this the worst use of autotune ever?

Did you party as hard as Rebecca when you were 13?

What’s the worst part of this video/song?

Is it that horrible flashing effect when Rebecca is teaching you about the days of the week?

Yep. That’s definitely it.

Is Rebbecca Black now famous like Justin Bieber or William Hung?

Right now do you think Rebecca Black ‘fucking amped’ or crying?

Is this the start or the end of her ‘career’?

How often do you think about fun?

Do you know what it is?

Did I wait too long to cash in on ‘mad Friday hitz’?

Why do you think America hates this soo much?

Are we just jealous of her obviously baller lifestyle (convertables, parties, ‘rappers’, friends, cereal … seats)?

Is it really any worse than this?

No, probably not.




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2 responses to “It’s Friday!

  1. Megan

    Do you think I could get famous narrating my life and what is going on around me at any given moment? I mean, that guy spent a good 8 seconds just explaining that he is driving and about to switch lanes. I could easily top that with something to the effect of, “Walking to class (it’s Tuesday-ay-ay-ay!)/ Oh no, people walking towards me/ which side of the path they gonna ta(-ay-ay-ay-)ke?” Anyway, that’s 3:48 that I’ll never get back.

  2. Jo

    Personally I’m a little worried about the “rapper” and his close proximity to underage girls. Also, they look a little bit to young to be driving to school, let alone party hoping from Benz to Cadi in an empty parking lot. The autotune did however make me want to cause physical pain to myself.

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