Album Review: Yelle – Safari Disco Club

Safari Disco Club by Yelle

Possibly the most aptly named album of the year thus far. Yelle is back with another glittery electronic dance party.  In general the album seems simultaneously more gentle and elaborate than her last effort. Songs like the breezy “C’est Pas Une Vie” and the more ‘club ready’ “Comme Un Enfant” let you know that this is truly one of the first serious warm weather albums of the year. It’s a welcome sound after months of gray.

I will say that the album really lacks that one powerful single like “Ce Jeu” off of the classic “Pop Up”.  What it’s missing in ‘wow factor’ though “Safari Disco Club” makes up for with consistency. The album is persistently pleasant, if not jaw dropping. In general Yelle’s vocals are less shrill, less divisive, and more ‘pop’ in the stereotypical sense. It’s sort of a shame because the album wouldn’t have been hurt by a little bit of edge. As it bordered on feeling just a tad bit too long by the end. Even the individual songs were maybe drawn out just a little too long for the poppy dance album that Safari Disco club is supposed to be. All in all though I can’t complain that much, “Safari Disco Club” was more than a solid collection of music that had me dancing in my seat alone in my basement for more than a little bit.

Safari Disco Club MP3

Safari Disco Club:  3.5 out of 5


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