Headed To Ulsan Y’all

Looks like I’m shippin’ out of the country in a matter of weeks. Headed to Ulsan South Korea for a year to teach some youngn’s . Apparently Ulsan is supposed to be ‘the Detroit of Korea’… Doesn’t look as crumbly though. Feel like the Detroit of Korea is probably a better place to live for street cred purposes. I mean Seoul is probably all ‘gentrified and shit’ anyway. Soon I’ll start posting my Korea stuff at my new blog to be “SoKoandLime.com” (don’t check it yet. Nothing is there.) Just really can’t wait to be a ‘nation builder’ y’all.

– Will I fucking love Korea or miss murrrica? Both?

– Will my “Operation Desert Storm” hat seem as rad/hilarious overseas as it does here?

-Will I ever not have to look up how to spell desert/dessert?

– Will The Music Hoarder get mad Korean hits?

– Will I be able to post a music hoarder post in Korean writing. Or will it be too squiggly/weird to read?

– Am I going to love/hate K-Pop?

– ^_^ ?

– Is it bad that my knowledge of Korea is based on an episode of ‘No Reservations’ with Anthony Bourdain?

– Will I be a changed bro?

– Can you overdose on kimchi?

– What will be my first Karaoke song?

*Nevermind: Semi Charmed life by Third Eye Blind.

– How much sleep will I lose staying up to watch American sporting events?

-Will I be the best/worst teacher?

– Will I ride that giant bright wheel?

– What is gonna be on my mega ‘Korean Plane Ride’ IPOD mix?

– Is SoKoandLime.com the best blog name you have ever  heard?




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4 responses to “Headed To Ulsan Y’all

  1. Tracey

    Holy shit – so you’re really going! WOW!! You’ve got to be stoked. I’ll be sure to keep up with you on SoKoandLime (which IS the best blog name I’ve ever heard!).

    • Ya I put my two weeks in at work yesterday. The school would like me to be there by may fifth. I neeeeed to see all the fam before hand. I feel like its been forevs.

  2. Megan

    Please where your “Operation Desert Storm” hat with your “Baghdad Ass Up” t-shirt. Instant hit. Anywhere.

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