Album Review: Mother Mother – Eureka

Eureka by Mother Mother

“Eureka” is the third release from the eccentric Vancouver natives. The band seems to hang their hat on a playful brand of pop rock that finds itself somewhere between Tokyo Police Club  and Sonny & The Sunsets. The albums opener, “Chasing it Down” pretty seamlessly blends borderline tacky guitar riffs with synth elements and features some really effective vocal layering. Along with a lot of the songs on “Eureka” this one does a good job of keeping you on your toes. It takes a lot of unexpected twists with sudden starts / stops and oddball keyboard solos.

“The Stand” is a really terrific track in my eyes. It’s a strangely sexual ‘Beck’-like song that features a surprisingly killer electronic banjo riff of some sort and some funny male/female back and forth: “F: Talk about space! /M:  Well it’s a beautiful place. / F: But it’s so damn cold. / M: Sure for the human race…”.

I think Eureka’s greatest strength is probably it’s pacing. “Baby Don’t Dance” is a really slick number that mellows out at just the right time to feature a killer baseline and and all female chorus, then kicks up the volume at just the right time. I’m still not that sure I like when the band slows it down too much, “Born in Flash” for example was somewhat painful to listen to. The great thing about Mother Mother though is that if you don’t like them, just keep listening for a minute or so and they will switch everything up on you!

Baby Don’t Dance

Chasing it down

Eureka: 3.5 out of 5


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