Album Review: Let’s Wrestle – Nursing Home

Nursing Home by Let’s Wrestle

There are some bands out there that you hope never grow up. The scrappy punk-pop trio “Let’s Wrestle” is one of those bands and luckily they show very little signs of maturation with their second record on Merge, “Nursing Home”. As it turns out these guys seem to actually detest anything or anyone ‘mature’, as noted on their hilarious “Song For Old People” on their last record: “Going to the seaside when it’s way too cold. / Life ain’t worth living once you get old”. The bashing of those who are more experienced in life continues on their latest release with songs like “Bad Mammaries” which is sort of an ‘anti-milf’ anthem: “Aren’t you a bit wrinkled to a be a nymphomaniac? / Aren’t you a bit insignificant to be so arrogant. / Please just give up! Join a nunnery! “. Remind me not to invite them to my “Real Housewives” viewing party.

The rest of the album focuses on some pretty heavy topics like being ‘too lazy to sleep’, sleeping a lot, dreams about Pokemon, being chronically late etc. But my favorite song is 2.5 minute, “If I Keep On Lovin’ You”. It’s got a heavy/playful bass that really defines the song. The clueless slacker love song is a nice change of pace because it’s the only time on the album that the band isn’t full of brash confidence. Having no clue about the opposite sex doesn’t keep them from creating a song that makes you want to flail around in poppy punky glee though.

“The Suburbs” is a song about feeling safe in your comfort zone. It’s really similar to the Weezer classic “In the Garage”, and also pretty solid in it’s own right. Hopefully the band continues to stay within it’s musical comfort zone for the foreseeable future. Because “Nursing Home” is pretty great and “In The Court Of Wrestling Let’s” (which I admittedly only first listened to last week) is absolutely terrific.

Nursing Home: 4 out of 5


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