Album Reviews (Catch-up Edition pt 1): TV on the Radio, Middle Brother

It’s been a while y’all. But the lack of posts doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to anything new. Although I have been going through an old school Weezer faze/funk. Anyways, here’s a bunch of quick notes on some stuff I’ve checked out in the past week.

Nine Types of Light by TV on the Radio

If the album art looks like TOTR’s take on ‘chillwave’ to you, that’s probably because that’s sort of how this album feels. At the very least, this is a lot mellower than the veteran band has ever sounded. “Nine Types of Light” is a warm album that wraps itself around you like a big ole bear hug. A funky, vaguely African, sexy bear hug. In the past, TOTR was the type of band that would cause listeners to  (presumably) smoke a joint and get real political/deep. This new TOTR  is a different beast altogether. Now listeners are (presumably) much more inclined to smoke a joint and start making out or just space out on the couch. I guess, we shouldn’t be surprised by this evolution. The band has changed a lot over the course of their discography. And this wouldn’t be the first time that a loud funkyish rock band mellowed out with age, just ask The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Either way as of now this is my album of the year.

Keep Your Heart

Killer Crane

Nine Types of Light: 5 out of 5

Middle Brother

Super group alert! Middle Brother is a roots rock band formed from members of the stylistically similar Dawes, Deer Tick, and Delta Spirit. As to be expected the self titled album is a lot of scraggly vocals, loose guitar and flannel. “Middle Brother” is a relatively easy and unpretentious listen from start to finish, although at times it lacks a little of the oomph that each of the trio’s original bands posses. Maybe since the three take turns being front men, the project lacks one overarching vision.  There are a lot of good pieces on Middle Brother but I’m still unsure as to whether they all fit together in a puzzle. Although, the doo-wop(py) “Someday” and the upbeat and quirky “Middle Brother” are a couple of great listens.

Middle Brother: 3 out of 5


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