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Song of the Day (Flashback Friday): The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow by The Kinks

This time tomorrow I will be headed to the other side of the world. Not sure how long it will be before I settle back down into the music blogging mode. If you’re interested though check out my adventure at

This Time Tomorrow

Rest assured though I have a big list of new music to listen to on the plane ride. Y’all can expect upcoming reviews of new stuff by:

Raphael Saadiq

Of Montreal

The Antlers

Okkervil River

Wye Oak

The Vivian Girls

I’m From Barcelona

Holy Ghost!

Girls Names

The Generationals

The Beastie Boys

The Luyas


and The Vaccines

Can’t wait to start listening!


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Spontanious MGMT concert in Washington!

Pretty amped that MGMT decided to play an impromptu concert on the White House lawn. Would’ve been more amped if they didn’t play anything off of “Congratulations”. Can’t believe they even played ‘Kids’! Feelin’ like this is a monumental moment in ‘indie’ history. A moment that brought us all together. Never really known a world in which MGMT was ‘good’ live, or ‘cared’ about their fans. Think that everything is about to change. Just glad I got to return (for a while at least)  to a simpler time when there was an album with 3 songs that defined my fun loving life.  Just wanna go back to summer 09.

Which of the ‘big 3’ MGMT songs define you?

Did the founding fathers realize how chill it would be to chant our country’s name?

Were you amped last night? Or is MGMT already ‘over’?

Did ‘kids’ restore your faith in America?

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Headed To Ulsan Y’all

Looks like I’m shippin’ out of the country in a matter of weeks. Headed to Ulsan South Korea for a year to teach some youngn’s . Apparently Ulsan is supposed to be ‘the Detroit of Korea’… Doesn’t look as crumbly though. Feel like the Detroit of Korea is probably a better place to live for street cred purposes. I mean Seoul is probably all ‘gentrified and shit’ anyway. Soon I’ll start posting my Korea stuff at my new blog to be “” (don’t check it yet. Nothing is there.) Just really can’t wait to be a ‘nation builder’ y’all.

– Will I fucking love Korea or miss murrrica? Both?

– Will my “Operation Desert Storm” hat seem as rad/hilarious overseas as it does here?

-Will I ever not have to look up how to spell desert/dessert?

– Will The Music Hoarder get mad Korean hits?

– Will I be able to post a music hoarder post in Korean writing. Or will it be too squiggly/weird to read?

– Am I going to love/hate K-Pop?

– ^_^ ?

– Is it bad that my knowledge of Korea is based on an episode of ‘No Reservations’ with Anthony Bourdain?

– Will I be a changed bro?

– Can you overdose on kimchi?

– What will be my first Karaoke song?

*Nevermind: Semi Charmed life by Third Eye Blind.

– How much sleep will I lose staying up to watch American sporting events?

-Will I be the best/worst teacher?

– Will I ride that giant bright wheel?

– What is gonna be on my mega ‘Korean Plane Ride’ IPOD mix?

– Is the best blog name you have ever  heard?



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Art’s the shit

Checked out some art the other day. Thought some of it was pretty blog / awkward photo worthy. It might be important for me to get more cultured in non musical forms of artistic expression. This way I can have strong ‘educated’ opinions on album art. Until then I just have to let P4k tell me which ones srsly sucked.

VIA P4k: "Y?!?"

^^^ Hahaaaaa. Suck it Ringo! (High fives ensue)


Seein all this art just inspired me to be the best blogger I can be.  Although, I’m kind of worried that the Louvre is too mainstream an art scene for me. The Mona Lisa might be kind of like the “Owl City” of the renassaince. Need to find some sick indie art jpegs via torrentz.

Glad I wore my most artsy giant, combat, belty cardigan.


Is this the best pic of 2k10?

Are you surprised that this isn’t Kanye?

Is Diddy trying to be more Kanye to stay more relevant?

Is awkward Diddy face photoshopped infront of shit going to be the next big internet meme?

Is the Mona Lisa entry level bullshit?

Who are some seriously alt artists?

Are you glad that p4k fucking nailed Ringo Starr?

Am I just a starving blogger now who will only get mad hitz after I die?

How many belts does your biggest cardigan coat have?

Was there anything in this post that merrited being blogged?


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The ‘Alt’imate fighter.

Wanna be the first ‘alt’imate fighter.
Wanna be the toughest bro to ever listen to Animal collective.
Wanna make American Apparel the next ‘Tap Out’.
Gonna make sure all my ultra sparkly ‘Affliction’ t-shirts are made in the USA.
Gonna use “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear as my entrance music, cuz Veckatimest gets me fucking amped.
Wanna start a fight at a chill wave concert.
Wanna blog about Sweedish buzz fighters no one has ever heard of.
Gonna brand my fighting style as lo-fi shoegaze-jitsu.
Wanna hold an MMA event in Brooklyn.
Just wanna kick ass.

Is MMA the next big alt sport?
Is Nam Phan just fighting for ironic reasons?
Will Ed Hardy style shirts replace goofy thrift store shirts?
Is Nam Phan even a hipster?
Is Nam Phan just an asian in glasses?
Is Nam breaking all stereotypes?
Or is Nam just conforming to all stereotypes?
Am I just hoping Nam is hip?
Are there other ‘Alt’imate fighters?
Do you think you could beat Nam up?
When Nam fights, does he have the weight of all non meat heads on his shoulders?
Did you cry / lose all hope when he didn’t win the reality show?
Is Spike TV the opposite of ‘Gorilla vs Bear’?
Will ‘MANswers be the next big ‘it’ show of 2011?
Is Nam Phan the ‘Alt’imate fighter?

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Wanna be a ‘Chill’ Dad

Been worrying about how long I can stay relevant as a blogger. Kind of concerned that at a certain age it might be impossible to keep liking ‘cutting edge’ shit. I think once most people hit like 35 they start only liking the music that came out when they were between the ages of 17 and 27. Don’t wanna get to the point where I would prefer to stay home and watch “2 1/2 bros” instead of going to see the latest buzz band I read about on a ‘real’ blog. I already strongly prefer venues with seats, as opposed to ones that are general admission. I think that it’s probably a slippery slope to boring from there on out.

Just wanna get cooler as I get older. Be like one of those old(er) guys at pitchfork that still talks about when “New Pornographers” first came out, and really actually remembers when LL Cool J and Ice Cube were making groundbreaking hip-hop instead of mind numbing prime time TV for middle aged Middle Americans.

Just want to have 'fucking seen it all'.

Feel like the only way you can maintain being cool is to get a kick ass profession that forces you to be chill or deal with chill people on the regular (Vegan bakery owner, Radio dj at an alt station, used book store manager, American Apparel exec, weed dealer), or have a kid and make sure that that kid is fucking awesome.

Just want a kid to validate my taste level. Want to make him/her wear “Dead Kennedys” and “Legalize Gay” onesies. Want my baby to care about social issues/organic food before it cares about not shitting its pants. Just wanna make a killer ‘nap time’ mixtape.

Did you make your parents more or less cool?
Would Ice Cube or I now be more likely to get mugged in Compton?
Do seats at a concert make you feel more restricted or relieved?
Who is more ‘street’ Charlie Sheen or LL Cool J?
At what age can you still be seen at Pitchfork before it gets weird?
At what age can you still be seen at Lollapalooza before it gets weird?
At what age does a hipster mustache just become a mustache?
Will orthopedics replace keds/blue boat shoes as the new hip foot wear of 2011?

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The great “Knight” hope.

A bro's bro

Watched like 5 episodes of the new “Real World” in a row on the DVR the other night. Used to be kind of ‘sick’ of the real world. Wondered who really watched it anymore? Do the 13 year old girls of America still want to identify with generic mixes of relatively slutty early 20 somethings in a ‘baller’ house? Feelin’ like Jersey Shore has taken over the market via irony. Kind of feels like the type of irony that is so overdone that I don’t care about it anymore. Like the first couple of episodes of American Idol with the weird/shitty contestants. You know something is dead when 50 something Middle American whites start liking it. Hope my rents don’t throw a Jersey Shore party. Is there still room for the less blatantly douchey douches in reality tv or has J-shore changed the game?

Anyways, never really ‘connected’ with any of the bros on Real World. Always seemed too boring/ripped to relate to. Just want a mildly chubby “character” of a bro, that I could see myself getting hammered with. Just wantin’ someone to keep it real.

Gives me hope for being on Real World. Just want to go on national TV and act a fool, be insensitive, make fun of metro bros, and nail stooopid southern broads. Think im gonna go out and buy some axe ‘messy’ hair product and slight v-neck tees. This is a solid personal brand. Lets people know your stylish but not a “homo”.

Just want to chill with Knight.

Gettin' it.

Who’s your fave reality tv character?
Do you relate more to chubby peeps?
Which brand of axe hair product best represents your lifestyle?
Is Jemmy hot or just skanky?
Does it matter?
Is dvring Real World blogworthy?

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