Current Events

Feelin’ kind of depressed that football season is over. Not sure what I am supposed to blame my weekend procrastination on now. Need a new scape goat. The Superbowl seemed pretty relevant this year though. Especially cuz New Orleans won. Seemed like something that both the right and left wing could agree was a good story. Kind of like when a kid calls 9-11 to save his family or something.

Didn't know Brees' son was 'alt'. Seemed too cool for the whole Superbowl scene. Just wanted to chill to his music. Wonder if he was listenin' to animal collective?

Overheard a lot of people say that the Saints winning the Superbowl was ‘destiny’. Not sure I buy that. Nice story, sure. But destiny seems a bit strong. Seems like hurricane Katrina was 5 years ago. If it was destiny, destiny seems like a bit of a procrastinator. Wonder what destiny was doing for the last 5 years. Probably wasting time on FB chat like the rest of us.

Destiny: “Man this sucks.”
Christina: “What?”
Destiny: “I haven’t even started this football thing I am supposed to do for New Orleans and its already midnight”
Christina: “Sucks. :/. When is it due?”
Destiny: “4 1/2 years ago”
Destiny: “lol”

Katrina/The Saints come Marchin' in!

Wonder if winning a football game is really adequate payback for a hurricane. Could depend if you were a season ticket holder/black. The whole thing gives me hope though. Cuz I am a Bears fan. Figure we ware gonna win the Superbowl next year. After the ‘Great Chicago Fire’ of 1871 we are due for some destiny.

Either way, i’m feelin’ extra bad for Haiti and Chile right now. They just had major disasters and they don’t even have a football team? Could still be screwed in 5 years. Sucks to play soccer I guess.


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