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Album Reviews: Explosions in the Sky, Acid House Kings

Take care, take care, take care by Explosions in the sky

Am I the only one that finds it difficult to sit down and listen to an hour of instrumental guitar music in one sitting? And thats not to bash this album or Explosions in the Sky in general. As far as lengthy instrumental guitar music goes, this is pretty damn good. I just always feel like I’m waiting for something that never arrives. Anyways, this album is basically the same thing Explosions in the Sky has done throughout their career. It’s well composed ‘post-rock’ that does a really great job of conveying intense emotions. It’s the type of music that is easy to make up a story for. Probably the most ‘cinematic’ album that I’ve listened to this year. Not surprising considering how stellar the band’s work was on the “Friday Night Lights” soundtrack years ago. In short though, unless I’m making a movie or feeling really emotionally scattered I’m not sure when I’m gonna listen to this again.

Listen to “Human Qualities”

Take care, take care, take care: 3 out of 5

Music Sounds Better With You by Acid House Kings

A collection of music this ‘sweet’ and ‘kewt’ just shouldn’t have the right to be any good, but for some reason I completely diggin’ this one. Maybe it’s just because it’s spring and the weather is warming up and I’m in a particularly good and unsnarky mood these days. Maybe, it’s because Acid House Kings harvest a nice collection of retro influences to keep it classy. Maybe though, it’s just that these guys know how to effing play pop music. The whole thing is really a clinic in all things sugary sweet. “Would You Say Stop?” is the type of track that will have just about anyone boppin around innocently in no time. Then there is “(I’m in) a Chorus Line” which is an absurdly catchy song that has the instrumental feel of a particularly bouncy Jens Lekman tune. Overall you might get the musical equivelant to a cavity, but it’s probably really worth it.

Music Sounds Better With You: 4 out of 5


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